Composites Sustainability Report 2022

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Responding to the challenge of sustainability: Innovation along the composites industry chain


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Responding to the challenge of sustainability: Innovation along the composites industry chain

Welcome to the JEC Composites Sustainability Report 2022, a collection of articles on the latest developments in making sustainability a reality in composites. Historically, composite parts have already contributed to making many end market sectors more sustainable through the inherent properties of composite materials. For example, lower carbon dioxide emissions have been achieved through metal replacement, leading to weight reduction in cars and planes. Similarly, the long wind power blades, only possible to manufacture in composite materials, are replacing fossil fuel generation plants. Maintenance-free composite applications replacing metal and wood have reduced the usage of paint and chemical treatments. These are just a few of the multiple ways that composites already play their role in making our world more sustainable.

Following the publication of the first JEC Composites Sustainability Report 2021, we have, therefore, selected a range of articles which show many different and innovative approaches to the application of these concepts. We have also added some sub-categories to each of the five categories in order to better highlight the range of topics in each category.

These are detailed in the introductory pages of each category.

As said last year, we do not claim this report to be objective or exhaustive. We are well aware that many other initiatives and approaches are being undertaken across the global composites industry. Our hope is that the selection of articles you find here will stimulate thought, and especially action, in making sustainability an integral and strategic part of your composites related activity. As last year, the pool of contributors has provided original and exclusive articles in addition to a selection of relevant articles that we have reprinted from JEC Composites Magazine.

In this publication, you will find five sections:

  • Context
  • Conception and raw materials
  • Production and waste
  • Recycling and recovery
  • Applications.

This project was possible thanks to several contributors, actors of the Composites Industry, and specifically, to Andrew Mafeld, managing director, Connectra Global Ltd.

Among the contributors: EuCIA, CELC, ELCA, Delft University, Boeing commercial airplane, Teijin, AOC Resins Europe, Evonik, Sicomin, G12 Innovation, Cobra, ComPair, Cetim, Cevotec, Blackfabric, EconCore,…

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