Innovation Awards

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What are the goals of the program?

  • Identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composites solutions worldwide
  • Encourage companies that are involved in composites innovation along with their partners
  • And also enhance their public exposure; and contribute to the advancement of the composites industry

Who can participate ?

The competition is open to any company or R&D Center with a strong collaborative innovation or concept to present. The success of each competitor is closely linked to the partnerships and collective intelligence involved.

The categories cover all the applicative markets: Automotive and Road Transportation, Aerospace, Defense, Security & Ballistics, Renewable Energy, Building & Construction, Infrastructure & Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas, Medical & Prosthetics, Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Furniture & Appliances, Sports & Leisure and Marine.

Gain a worldwide visibility:

  • The prestigious JEC Innovation Awards program are confered once a year before and during JEC World in Paris and are the most sought-after recognitions in the Composites Industry worldwide
  • The finalists and winners are announced within the JEC Composites Magazine, the website and the newsletter
  • The winners have a dedicated section in the Visitor’s Guide as well as in the Innovation Awards area on the show floor
  • Prize giving ceremony before and during the event
  • JEC Press Releases

The selection criteria for the JEC Innovation Awards are technical excellence, exemplarity of the chain of partners, market potential, and originality.

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Startup Booster

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Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites and Advanced Materials

Startup Booster

It enables companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry, as a complement to the project they may be already involved in.  Launched in 2017, Startup Booster has already fostered the emergence of 500+ innovative projects from 40+ countries, 60 finalists and 20 winners. 

Discover Startup Booster Hall of Fame

The Competitors 

The competition is open to entrepreneurs with innovative projects, SMEs and academic spinoffs, in 2 categories:


  • Design 
  • Manufacturing
  • Digitalization / Industry 4.0 / Smart Industry 
  • Non-Destructive Testing Solutions
  • Sustainability & Recycling Solutions 


  • New composites materials including hybrid materials, bio-sourcing and intelligent composites, nano based solutions, Graphene solutions 
  • New applications and markets for composites (Composites in new mobility applications i.e Fuel Cell Tanks, etc.) 
  • Intelligent surfaces & displays (glass transparency solutions) and smart textiles 

A Win-Win Program 


  • A business acceleration with a chance to reach key decision makers and to find industry partners and customers 
  • A boost to the brand awareness of the industry players present at the show and the 100,000+ members of the JEC Group community 


  • Find and assess innovative, specialized composite startups that can have an impact on their business (process- or product-wise) 
  • Take inspiration from a new generation of entrepreneurs 
  • Position your brand with a successful program 
  • Grow your network with universities, R&T and R&D centers, clusters, associations, industries and media 

High-Level Jury

The competition features a strong jury composed of experts from international groups and companies involved in innovative materials, such as 3M, Airbus, Alstom, Altair, Daimler AG, GE Digital, Valeo, Vector Launch…

Strong Industry Partners

From its first edition, Startup Booster has received strong support from major corporations including:



The JEC Startup Booster competition is taking place several times a year during the various JEC Events in the world, from Germany to South Korea, up to to the major global competition happening annually at JEC World in Paris.

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Innovation Planets

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At JEC World in Paris, the JEC Innovation Planets are the showcase areas where companies and associations can highlight their latest projects in form of a part or finished product on one of the themed display zones of the annual event. The parts and products presented are the best examples of technologies and/or applications of composites and are a must-visit area for all JEC World participants. Our goal at JEC is to develop the composites industry by creating a platform throughout our media and events to highlight the vast potential and benefits of composites vs. or complementary to other materials in various industries and the Innovation Planets have been developed to give substance to this approach by showcasing.


They visit the Innovation Planets


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