Price used not to be a real deal in the Aerospace. It's not true anymore. The rise of new rivals and the amount of part to be produced imposed new manufacturing techniques and better production yields. New challenges come with new solutions.

Automotive & Road Transportation

Automotive & Road TransportationAutomotive & Road Transportation

Composites will play a very important role very soon in the Automotive & Road Transportation sector due to CO2 emission regulations on a global scale. One of the easiest way of reducing a car emission is by enlightening it. Composites are obviously materials of choice for such task.

Building & Civil Engineering

Building & Civil EngineeringBuilding & Civil Engineering

"Built to last" is one of the motto used in the Building & Civil Engineering sector. Composites fulfill it and help older structures to keep their integrity over time. More and more engineers from this sector leave concrete and steel for smarter solutions.

Defence, Security & Ballistics

Defence, Security & BallisticsDefence, Security & Ballistics

Personal, vehicle and equipment protections take full benefits of composites which absorb of dissipate energy thanks to their intrinsic nature. Moreover, composites allow to downsize of the weight penalty of any protection.

Design, Furniture and Home

Design, Furniture and HomeDesign, Furniture and Home

Every other composite end-use area is of interest for any research and development related to a composite material.

Electrical, Electronics, Telecoms & Appliances

Electrical, Electronics, Telecoms & AppliancesElectrical, Electronics, Telecoms & Appliances

Di-electric properties, insulation, even or heat or electric conduction depending of the fibers and resins selected, composites can be finely tune to meet nearly all the requirements in Electrical' Electronics applications.

Equipment & Machinery

Equipment & MachineryEquipment & Machinery

Better production yield through lightness, rigidity, high natural frequencies of corrosion resistance... Numerous are the reasons why industrial equipment manufacturers are turning to the amazing properties of composites.

Marine transportation & Shipbuilding

Marine transportation & ShipbuildingMarine transportation & Shipbuilding

The Marine sector is one of the very first sector which understood the full benefit of composites and especially its ease of application and corrosion resistance. But Marine is far more than that: an extraordinary laboratory for aging. A boat going across the Atlantic is submitted to millions of cycles.

Medical & Prosthetics

Medical & ProstheticsMedical & Prosthetics

Conformability, lightness, biocompatibility, a-magnetism, x-ray transparency are some of the properties composites can easily fulfill for an healthier and more comfortable life whatever occurs.

Oil & Gas

Oil & GasOil & Gas

A harsh environment for materials, corrosion, extreme pressures and deep depth are common in the Oil & Gas sector. Some of its problems can only be solved through the use of composites.

Other Composite End-use areas

Other Composites End-use areasOther Composites End-use areas

Every other composites end-use area is of interest for any research and development related to a composite material.

Pipe & Tanks, Water treatment and sewage

Pipe & Tanks, Water treatment and sewagePipe & Tanks, Water treatment and sewage

Applications in the these fields make use of the weatherability (corrosion resistance) and « stiffness with weight reduction » properties of long-fibre-reinforced composites.

Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure

Railway Vehicles & InfrastructureRailway Vehicles & Infrastructure

User safety is the number one rule in the railway sector. Its standards are really stringent but at the same time, this sector is seeking for lighter and more practical solutions. Composites still can win new market share in this rather conservative environment.

Renewable Energy

Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy

Wind Energy, solar panels, energy storage to kinetic energy, water and tidal power... Composites are present in nearly all the more environmentally friendly way of producing and storing energy thanks to their amazing ratio "properties to weight" and their corrosion resistance.

Sports, Leisure & Recreation

Sports, Leisure & RecreationSports, Leisure & Recreation

The place to try new materials in a very severe environment in terms of loads or shocks, Sports & Leisure sectors see a continuous development of new materials, applications or processes. The mix of fun and science find its apex thanks to composites.

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